A seminar for churches, schools, missions, businesses, and camps/retreat centers

Course Description: We all face inevitable conflicts in our friendships, homes, churches and workplaces.  These range from disputes between friends, to the contest of wills between parents, children and teens, to sharp disagreements at work over business goals.  Any leaders serious about growing a healthy organization face many potential conflicts as they try to mobilize people with varied personalities and gifts to work together for a common vision.  Learn biblical principles you can use to resolve disagreements and disputes in all areas of your life so you can grow in Christ, build a healthy organization and witness His power to your watching world. 

Who should attend: This seminar is for Christian adults of all ages and life situations who are concerned about responding to conflict biblically so they can grow stronger in Christ and witness to His power in their friendships, homes, workplaces and churches.

What you will learn:
  • Understanding conflict and the Four G's -- the primary principles of biblical conflict resolution.

  • Our responses to conflict -- the Slippery Slope -- this memorable diagram contrasts the different ways people respond to conflict and shows which ways are most effective.

  • Conflict provides opportunities -- the 3 primary opportunities every conflict offers to the Christian.

  • Peacemaking is not optional -- why peacemaking is crucial to our Christian witness.

  • Is this really worth fighting over? How to determine which things are not worth confrontation.

  • Examine yourself -- how to get the log out of your own eye before you go to confront someone who's hurt you.

  • The Seven A's of confession -- how to say you're sorry in an effective and biblical way.

  • When and how should you go and confront someone?

  • When and how should you involve other people?

  • Forgive as God forgave you -- how to forgive others as God has forgiven you.

  • A biblical approach to negotiating -- how to work out just solutions using biblical principles.

  • Dealing with unreasonable people -- guidelines on how to do it!

  • Resources to help kids, teens and adults prevent unhealthy conflict, resolve it when it arises, and grow in their witness as a result.

Format: During this fast-paced training we’ll use illustrated lecture, video drama, guided discussion on Bible passages, handouts, role-plays, question and answer times, and plenty of practical illustrations. The seven-hour seminar can be scheduled on a Friday evening/Saturday morning, Saturday morning and afternoon, Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon, or combination of times Sunday morning/afternoon/evening.

Adjustable Cost : A sliding fee scale makes this seminar affordable for smaller as well as larger organizations. Each attendee receives a copy of the workbook Biblical Peacemaking: A Bible Study on Peacemaking, (32 pages) and a colorful review brochure “The Peacemaker” that illustrates principles in the workbook. For further details on cost of the seminar for your organization, please contact us.


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