While our normal fee and cost structure is outlined here, we will work with you to design an arrangement that is affordable for your situation.

We request fees for the following services:

On site services:
Conflict counseling
Conflict interventions
Organizational consultations

Office services:

Consultation by phone and email (no charge for initial consultation)
Preparation time for on-site services

Normal fees: $50 per hour office time, $25 per hour travel time, $75.00 per hour on site or $600 per day on-site for consultation or mediation. When the Brewers or the Gliddens serve together as conciliators/mediators because they and the parties agree that their combined presence and capabilities would best serve the parties, the fees are arranged according to the needs of the case.

Costs: we request reimbursement for additional costs associated with a case, including long distance telephone calls, travel, written resources provided, and other necessary out-of-pocket expenses.

Training seminars are charged for office time necessary to arrange the seminar and adapt it to the client’s needs, but instead of a per-diem fee for seminars, we usually charge a set fee per attendee. An exception is the seminar Responding to Conflict Biblically for which we request remuneration for training materials and mileage and welcome a love offering.

Discounted fees can be arranged based on the needs and ability to pay of the parties or organization and the number of hours or days involved in the consultation. We can arrange discounted fees for an entire case that are considerably lower than the normal hourly or per-diem fees. Special rates can be arranged for groups such as denominations so member churches receive special discounts.

Long-term contracts: We offer additional incentives for longer-term arrangements with organizations, such as several months or a year, which allow for long-term growth and development.

Contact us: we invite you to contact us concerning fees. We would be glad to work out an arrangement to make our services affordable for your situation.

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