We offer telephone consultation and on-site conflict counseling and mediation services for individuals, families, businesses, churches, schools, camps, missions and denominations. We also provide conflict consultations and interventions for organizations.


Can Our Reconciliation Services Help You?
When is an offense too serious to overlook?
An offense (as perceived by any of the parties) is too serious to overlook when you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions:

Is the offense seriously dishonoring God? (Does the dispute reflect dishonor upon the Lord to those inside or outside the business or families involved, the church or the watching neighborhood and community?)
Has the offense permanently damaged a relationship? (Are the parties unable to enjoy each other’s presence as before?)
Is the offense seriously hurting other people? (Is it hindering interpersonal relationships with others in your family, school, business, church, organization or community?)
Is the offense seriously hurting the offender him/herself? (For example, interference in relationships with other persons, difficulty in seeing how he/she could grow in his life from this problem, cooling of personal relationship with the Lord, sleeplessness, discouragement, bitterness, etc.).

Benefits of reconciliation services for you and your organization:

Find mutually agreeable solutions for all the parties in the dispute.
Honor God by doing what is right and just.
Grow personally in your own lives.
Serve others (including the other parties in the dispute).
Promote genuine forgiveness and relief from bitterness.
Encourage relational reconciliation wherever possible and appropriate.
Restore the unity and teamwork of the organization involved.
Restore your Christian witness to your watching community.
Promote organizational health and prevent future conflict.

Our training and experience in reconciliation ministry
Ted & Ruth Brewer and David & Judi Glidden have received extensive training with Peacemaker Ministries in Christian conciliation. Ted also has received mediation training approved by the Academy of Family Mediators and negotiation training with the Woodstock Institute for Negotiation. The Brewers and Gliddens are actively involved with Peacemaker Ministries and they offer the skills and wisdom gained through many years of mediating various types of disputes.

Commitment to confidentiality
We will carefully guard the information you entrust to us. We ask the parties to agree not to discuss our communications with people who do not have a necessary interest in the conciliation process. We offer further elaboration of these principles on confidentiality before we serve you.

What services do we offer?
Individual conflict counseling and coaching
We provide conflict counseling and written resources to help individuals explore ways they can resolve disputes personally and privately. We also counsel and coach leaders to help them assist parties to come to agreement. If your personal efforts to resolve differences with others are not successful, we can help you and the other parties explore the benefits of mediation and assist you to come to the table to work out your differences.

Christian mediation is the use of an impartial person or persons who follow biblical principles to help people make informed decisions and develop mutually acceptable agreements to resolve their dispute within a confidential setting. If personal efforts by individuals, even with assistance of Christian friends or church leaders have not been successful in resolving the dispute, we can provide mediation to help the parties come to a voluntary settlement of their differences. Mediation involves such steps as:
Contact by the parties with the mediator(s) to consider the value and process of mediation.
Preparation by the parties.
Meetings of the parites together with the help of the mediator(s).
There may be several meetings over a period of days or weeks.

Agreement on solutions wherever possible.
Follow-through on agreements with assistance from the mediator(s).

Organizational conflict interventions

When a conflict has escalated beyond individual disputes to involve an organization (extended family, school, business, church, groups of churches, mission board) the Brewers are trained and experienced in providing conflict interventions. This involves such steps as the following:

Initial contacts and presentation of our services.
Development and presentation of a proposal for organizational peacemaking.
Presentation of the proposal and decision by the leaders and/or organization to proceed.
Fact finding interviews with individuals and groups.
Mediation of key interpersonal disputes.
Identification of individuals in the organization who could receive training for future peacemaking.
Organizational analysis.
Presentation of verbal and written report with diagnosis and recommendations -- first to the key leader(s), then the leadership as a whole, then the organization, if appropriate.
Assistance in developing a plan to resolve the disputes, restore organizational health and promote training and deployment of peacemakers from within the organization.
Ongoing consultation to help implement the plan.


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