We foster spiritual renewal by helping Christians and organizations pursue spiritual health and assisting wounded Christians and organizations to heal up from conflict for more effective life, work and ministry.

Our renewal services help individuals, couples, families, parents, teachers and schools, business people, church lay leaders, pastors and their spouses, Christian camps, missionaries and mission leaders and denominational leaders.


Some of the benefits of our renewal ministry include:

Growing in your spiritual life individually and as an organization as you seek God with greater passion and discipline.
Facing the pain of present and past conflicts and releasing your pain to your Heavenly Father
Claiming freedom from bitterness by choosing to move into a position of forgiveness towards your offenders.
Reframing your experiences to begin to see God’s opportunities in your losses

Praying for antagonists who are not yet willing to be involved in healing

Understanding when and how to pursue a process of relational forgiveness and reconciliation with your offenders with guided assistance and safeguards in place.
Restoring hope for the future and moving into renewed life and ministry

Counseling and referrals
We help individual men and women and couples to work through their conflicts and gain fresh perspective and hope. Through a growing network we may be able to help you find Christian counselors in your area who could assist you. We also can suggest counseling retreat centers where Christians can receive professional help over a period of several days.

Renewal Presentations
We can meet with you and/or your leadership group for an hour to present options for renewal ministry.

Renewal Workshops
Your group can meet with us for an hour to a half-day or day for teaching, prayer and interaction designed to help you relate in healing ways with one another.

Renewal Retreats
We custom design retreats to meet the need of conflicted groups. For example, we have designed and led wounded leader retreats to help church leaders face their pain, receive God’s healing, forgive one another and their antagonists, reconnect with one another and prepare to move ahead in ministry. These may be a weekday or Saturday day retreat, a Friday evening/Saturday day overnight retreat or an entire weekend. We can meet at the organization’s facilitates to reduce the cost of renting a facility, but we recommend getting off-site to encourage privacy and give opportunities to focus on one another without distractions and gain a fresh perspective. Through our growing network we may be able to suggest options for affordable retreat sites.

Pastor-in-Residence Programs
We assist wounded pastors and pastoral couples to find safe and supportive church homes where they can find healing and opportunities to minister again. We also provide consultative support to churches interested in providing such services.


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