How to Build a Stronger Team by Solving the People Puzzle
Teambuilding workshop and consultation for churches, schools, missions, businesses, camps/retreat centers, and mssions

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A God Designed Puzzle
God has placed each of us in the body of Christ with special abilities, functions, spiritual gifts and personality traits.  And he has designed us to need each other in our families, workplaces, churches and ministry teams.  We need each other to realize our individual potential in Christ.  And together we can accomplish far more than we can alone.  God has made us like pieces of a puzzle, in our different sizes and shapes, to come together for the glory of Jesus Christ.  He exhorts us to "be perfectly joined together in mind and thought" (1 Corinthians 1:10, NKJV).
Too often, however, our differences lead to conflict and incompatibility.  We simply have problems dealing with some people and situations.  These problems can hinder the teamwork of a staff, board or work team in a church, school, business, camp/retreat center, or mission.  The Solving the People Puzzle Teambuilding Workshop and Consultation has been designed to help you build stronger teams.

Put the Pieces Together
During your workshop you'll lean new insights about yourself and your teammates:

  • Understand Yourself: Discover the unique assets you bring to every relationship.  Using a highly effective personality discovery tool, you'll learn about your own God-given strengths and talents.  The insights you'll gain will reveal more about yourself than you've ever learned before.  Identify your ideal work environment, strengths, weaknesses, and relational needs.

  • Value Yourself and Others: Gain a greater understanding and appreciation of your own personal style as well as the style of others on your team.  You'll see how these styles are illustrated in the lives of Paul, Peter, Abraham and Moses.  You'll gain a clearer understanding of the basic personality types and how each is motivated most effectively.  You'll discover why those closest to you react the way they do.

  • Develop Your Versatility: Learn how to adapt your personal style to meet the needs of others and build a stronger team.  Two teambuilding exercises will help you communicate and grow together with your teammates.  The first exercise will help you affirm each other's value to your team in ten important areas.  The second will help you focus on the relational needs of your teammates so you can communicate more effectively, minimize tensions and minister together more fruitfully.  The practical skills you learn will not only improve your team, but also help you in every role you fill in life-spouse, boss, employee, parent, teacher, and friend.  You'll add to the knowledge you already have about the people in your life, and discover how to help all your relationships grow and flourish.

See the Bigger Picture
Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • You'll better understand yourself in terms of your strengths and weaknesses.

  • You'll better understand each teammate's personal style.

  • You'll communicate to one another the value each person brings to your team.

  • You'll understand how to help each other maximize your strengths and support one another in your weaknesses.

  • You'll minimize tension in relationships and learn how to relate to difficult people and situations.

  • You'll realize new freedom to be yourself and to allow others to be who they are.

  • You'll prepare your team for greater effectiveness.

Your Trainer(s)
Rev. Ted Brewer teaches the workshop and his wife, Ruth joins him when the team includes both men and women.  Ted and Ruth come to you with fifty years of ministry experience between them.  Ted earned a Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary, while Ruth received her B.S. from Philadelphia Biblical University.  They ministered nearly 20 years together in the pastorate, with Ted serving as a staff pastor, pastor, and senior pastor in evangelical multi-staff churches in the Mid-West and New England.  Since 1995 they have served as founding co-directors of New Peace Network, an organization that assists and equips Christians in New England and the Northeast to prevent unhealthy conflict and resolve disputes biblically through resourcing, retraining, reconciliation and renewal. 
Ted received training from Walk Thru the Bible Ministries to present this material.  He also is an authorized consultant with Inscape Publishing, the designer of the DiSC temperament profile used in this training.  The Brewers live in Nashua, NH, cheer on their college age daughter Cyndi, and provide teambuilding and conflict prevention/resolution training and services throughout the Northeast.
Presentation Overview
Ted (Ruth joins him when training is offered to a team including women) is available to present your team with a 45-minute overview of the teambuilding workshop and consultation to help you decide if this training is appropriate at this time.
Flexible Schedule
The six -hour workshop can be presented in any one of several formats:

  • A morning and afternoon (for example, weekday or Saturday)
  • An afternoon and evening (for example, weekday or weekend)
  • An evening and the following morning (for example, weekdays or Friday and Saturday)
  • Two evenings (for example, weeknights or weekend)

Follow-Through Coaching
After the initial workshop, your trainer(s) will meet with you twice in the next six months to coach you in further teambuilding exercises to apply what you're learning.  They'll be available by telephone for further consultation both during and after the process.
Adjustable Cost
A sliding scale of fees makes it possible for leaders in smaller as well as larger organizations to receive this training.  Please contact us for further information.
Seminar Available for Your Entire Organization
The Brewers also team-teach a one-time seminar for larger groups entitled Build Stronger Relationships by Solving the People Puzzle.  Taken alone, this can help all your people strengthen their relationships.  Combined with a teambuilding workshop/consultation for a key leadership team, this can help you strengthen your entire organization.



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