A denominational executive
"As a pastor/friend to Ted and Ruth for several years I've walked with them through their own valley of disappointment in the pastorate. They've been there! Their love for Christ, fidelity to God's Word, and passionate concern for reconciliation and renewal among God's wounded is without compromise. Ted proved very effective in a conciliation effort in which I participated. I've learned from Ted a productive process in biblical peacemaking."

Rev. Walter Holder,
Concord NH

former Associate Director, CBNortheast
(pastor to pastors with 45 years' experience)

Director of a regional ministry
"This is a strong endorsement of Ted Brewer's ministry. He has been a faithful servant of God over the years that I have known him. His experience has made him uniquely qualified to help churches in conflict resolution and peacemaking. Having had some difficult trials in this area, Rev. Brewer has keen insight into these problems and personal concern to bring healing into these situations. I have heard excellent reports from a church I know he has helped through these conflicts. May God bless his ministry."

Rev. Jeff Marks,
Beverly MA

Director, New England Concerts of Prayer

From mediation with a pastor and board…
After meeting eight hours individually with the pastor/wife and leaders, we met with them as a group. After three hours with limited progress, Ted prayed silently, “Lord, we’re not getting anywhere. Please show me what to do.” Then he heard himself saying, “I’m going to ask you to do something that will seem very strange at this point. I’d like to ask you to affirm one another.” After a long, awkward silence, one man spoke up affirmed the pastor. Then another did the same. Then the pastor affirmed the leaders individually and as a group. The entire atmosphere in the room warmed up. Soon the men were asking and receiving forgiveness from one another. Then they asked to continue the meeting and began to brainstorm ways they could work together. We returned to give a one-day peacemaking seminar and the pastor and leaders said, “We’re working better together.”

From a wounded leaders’ retreat…
The men and women deacons had remained together through high level church conflict but relationships were strained. At the end of the retreat they served each other communion, tearfully affirmed one another, prayed together and hugged one another.

From a one-day seminar…

A retired man who had been deeply hurt when his relative faced severe conflict in the church said, “When you taught about the stages of forgiveness and challenged us to forgive our offenders, I felt a great weight lift from my heart. Now I have more energy throughout the day and I can even walk up stairs easier. God has healed by heart. Thank you, thank you!”

A pastor who faced conflict
"At a very crucial and trying time to myself, our leadership and our church, we greatly benefited from Ted and Ruth's ministry. Counsel, principles of conflict resolution and Scriptural freedom readily came from them to help in our need. Ted and Ruth clearly have been given a ministry for the crises that many individuals, leaders and churches in these times are called to face. Their research, training, experience and loving counsel is used to impact God's people and carry further His kingdom at times of critical opportunity."

A New England pastor

From a women’s Bible study…

Ruth was invited to teach a women’s Bible study on peacemaking at a church where she and Ted had experienced painful conflict a few years ago when Ted was the pastor. As Ruth taught the 12-week study on “Responding to Conflict Biblically” the women responded: “It’s amazing—there’s no hint of bitterness on your face or in your voice. To think that you would come to serve us after what you went through! We know these principles work because we see them in your life.”

From a group of 250 churches…
The Board of CBNortheast, the Conservative Baptist Association of 250 churches in New York and New England voted to make Ted the Mediation Specialist for that group. Dr. R. Peter Mason, Executive Director said: “The conflict situations we face are more than we can handle. We want your help.”

From a church conflict intervention…
A tense mediation session ended with several people tearfully asking forgiveness of one another. Then they spontaneously engaged in a “group hug.” Later the board and pastor decided to continue to try to work through their issues rather than separate right away.
From a one-day church seminar…
“Oh my goodness, it was a God moment! That role-play you did on conflict—it was exactly what some of our people experienced! How could you have known?” (We didn’t, but God did!)

From a teambuilding retreat…
Men and women leaders were so intently affirming one another’s strengths that they had to be urged repeatedly to break for refreshments before the next session. Several affirmed afterwards: “This will help us in our families, our jobs and here at church.”

From a teaching weekend that de-escalated a church conflict…

We shared a one-day seminar with a congregation, then led the adult class Sunday morning, preached in the worship service, met with the board for lunch and then met with the pastor and his wife. The leaders were on the road to major conflict, but changes could bring peace. Later the organizer of the seminar wrote: “Our recent congregational meeting was quite orderly, in contrast to our last one, and things are going better. Thank you so much for teaching us the principles of peacemaking.”

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