Faithfulness to God and His Word
We are committed to God's message as declared in the inspired and inerrant Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. We believe that God's Word is fully authoritative and sufficient for all of life and that his commands and promises apply to every conflict Christians may encounter. We believe that the fields of Christian sociology, psychology and counseling offer important principles, which, when used in submission to biblical truth, can assist us in preventing, resolving and healing unhealthy conflicts among people.

Centrality of Christ
We believe that genuine peace between people may be found only through the powerful working of God through Jesus Christ. Therefore we are committed to encourage people to trust in Christ, follow God's Word and draw upon the power of his Holy Spirit to find forgiveness and reconciliation with others.

Responsibility of the church
We believe God's Word presents peacemaking as an essential ministry for all Christians and local churches, not just for professional mediators, lawyers and counselors. Therefore, we are committed to train and equip Christians and churches to fulfill God's call to promote peace through biblical justice and reconciliation.

Spiritual renewal
We believe spiritual renewal in our society depends upon the individual and corporate renewal of God's people as they come to repentance, confession, forgiveness and reconciliation with one another. We believe that this will open the way for God-initiated spiritual awakening in our society as a whole. Therefore we are committed to promote spiritual renewal among Christians in their relationships, families, churches and regions.

Cooperation with others
We are committed to work together with others to promote spiritual unity and cooperation among Bible believing, Christ centered individuals and churches. Therefore we seek to help Christians model the unity within the Triune Godhead to convince a lost world of His saving love. We also seek to encourage and catalyze peacemaking ministry through regional and international networking.

Expanding from the Northeast to California and the West
We believe that New England and the Northeastern U.S. are regions with a unique heritage of history, geography, tradition and culture that give them a special significance for sparking spiritual renewal in our nation. We remain committed to our peacemaking efforts in these regions while we expand our outreach into California and the West.

Cross-cultural ministry
We are committed to respecting the distinctives of every person and culture while promoting the deeper identity possible for people through Christ and his Word. Therefore, we promote biblical peacemaking across the barriers of gender, ethnicity, culture and race.

Excellence and creativity
We are committed to honor our great God through ministry that is excellent in quality and creative in style.

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