Our Ministries


We help people and organizations achieve peace through a range of reconciling, equipping and connecting services.


We offer telephone consultation and on-site conflict counseling and mediation services for individuals, families, businesses, churches, schools, camps, missions and denominations. We also provide conflict consultations and interventions for organizations.

  • Conflict Counseling and Coaching. Through conflict counseling services, we help individuals explore ways to resolve disputes personally and privately. We also counsel and coach leaders to help them assist parties in coming to agreement. If your personal efforts to resolve differences with others are not successful, we can help you and the other parties explore the benefits of mediation and help all the parties come to together to work out their differences.
  • Mediation. As Christian mediators, we provide impartial services following biblical principles, helping people to resolve their disputes in a confidential setting by making informed decisions and developing mutually acceptable agreements. When other efforts have not been successful, our mediation services can help parties come to a voluntary settlement of their differences.
  • Organizational Conflict Interventions. When a conflict has escalated beyond individual disputes to multiple people and large parts of an organization or group of people, we are trained and experienced in providing conflict interventions. 


New Peace Network is skilled in helping churches and organizations to develop a culture of peace. A key part of that outreach is providing workshops and seminars focused on the area of need. Some of our workshops include:

  • Peacemaking Principles (an overview of Biblical principles for resolving conflict)
  • Coaching Others to Better Respond to Conflict (equipping people to become more effective first responders to conflict)
  • This New House (focused on overcoming marital and family conflict)


When we are unable to directly provide peacemaking services, we can connect you with other skilled Biblical reconciliation resources throughout New England, the Northeast, California, the West, and the United States.